SpiritHoods: Forrest Fox

Spirit Hoods Forrest Fox
Forrest Fox - Spirithood - 01
Forrest Fox - Spirithood - 02
Forrest Fox - Spirithood - 03
Forrest Fox - Spirithood - 04
Forrest Fox - Spirithood - 05
Spirit Hoods Forrest FoxForrest Fox - Spirithood - 01Forrest Fox - Spirithood - 02Forrest Fox - Spirithood - 03Forrest Fox - Spirithood - 04Forrest Fox - Spirithood - 05

The forrest fox is a cunning and clever animal, often symbolizing the same qualities in the person who identifies with it. A quick-thinking strategist, the forrest fox also represents wisdom and adaptability.

Popping on the Forrest Fox SpiritHood in cold weather will not only display your wisdom, it will keep you warm in style. The 100% Acrylic Faux Fur and 100% Cotton lining make this SpiritHood not only a clever accessory, but also one that will cause you to stand out in a crowd.

Handmade in Los Angeles, CA, no two Forrest Fox SpiritHoods are exactly the same. With an inner cap size of 18″ and a scarf length of 25″, this hood is one size fits all. The Forrest Fox SpiritHood should be hand washed in cold water and allowed to air dry.

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